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Lueur is a French word that can be translated into English as ‘glow’ (n.) a steady radiance of light

This name has a two-fold meaning for me when serving and partnering with the community of Madame Beauge Village in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.

The meaning of our English word, glow, resonated with me because our ability, as sufficiently resourced, educated, and financially stable individuals, to come alongside and support the growth of others. We all need others to invest in our potential, serving as a steady light that guides us to growth and success throughout the dark and difficult parts of life. By partnering with Lueur, Inc and the involvement in madame beauge village, you can invest in a child’s potential to succeed in school, gain employment and provide sufficient resources for their future.

When translating directly from French, lueur is ‘a bright and momentary expression’. This wording is definitely less glamorous, but a reality of providing effective and sustainable aid.